Thursday, 30 May 2013


There are fewer girls at orphanage 50 than boys. As yet no girl has been adopted out of this place, but there are girls listed here. I met these girls and they need the love and care of families. If you are considering international adoption then could you change one of these lives? The potential locked inside these girls is simply staggering. I am heartbroken for them and the life they are forced to live. Could you change the world for one of them? Visit here!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I wrote here about the time I met Katrina and how she stole my heart! She still has it and I think of her often....every day in fact! When I met her she surprised me with her spirit and her smile. She claimed a piece of my heart as hers and it really will be hers forever.

With the process of Bobby's adoption starting I really felt the time was right to step up as Katrina's warrior. How could I not? So I wanted to put all the pictures I have of her 'out there'! Who could see these and not fall in love like I did? I cannot go get her from the UK but perhaps you could? 

Katrina you will always be the child I wanted in my family and couldn't go get! I will always love you! Where is her Mama? And now for those pictures...just look at her! Visit her profile on Reece's Rainbow here!

  (pictures in my linked post are from Feb 2012 all of these are more recent)









I adore Tania, I was so happy to meet her. The picture below was in my bag, I had prayed over it wanting to find her so badly. 

The information on Reece's Rainbow told me...

Girl, born August 2002.
She is said to be independent and active, and she especially loves to swing.  She is shy with other children, and seeks attention from adults, cuddling up when hugs and affection are available.

The Tania I met was a feisty but incredibly vulnerable little star. She was so excited when I walked into her room. Immediately seeking me out, she was keen to stay close, I felt I had been claimed as hers from the minute I stepped through the door. This for sure was one child desperate to be the centre of somebody's world. This was a little girl desperate for a Mama...simple as that! 

She was a lovable little firecracker. A ready smile, a ready giggle, desperate for hugs, touch and attention. She set up camp around me, demanding no other gain my attention, even bashing a few children on the head when they got too close. Although a few children ended up floored by her I did not feel at all that she was an aggressive child, you could just tell she was simply DESPERATE to have me to herself and was trying any way she could think of to make that happen. I adored her, I could see how much she would shine with a family of her own. This seemed to be a little girl ready to grab life if only she could get a chance. Her desperate longing, played out in her fighting defensiveness of her time with me, was simply heartbreaking.

Her vulnerability, obvious from the start became magnified when the caregiver within the room moved her away from me to have her photo taken with two other children. She was positioned 'just so', her arm wrapped around her friend's shoulder, a happy pose but her face said it all! Her face crumbling into tears because she had been moved away from me. Her compliance to the caregiver's orders accompanied with her wobbling mouth, painfully desperate to see.

She was so relieved to get back to my side but rather annoyed I was also sharing my space with Katrina. My tickle game, smiles and cuddles had to be shared out equally to keep her happy. I loved this little girl by my side in that loveless room within the institution.

Tania, a little girl with a bursting heart, a vulnerable soul and a spirit full of potential. Where is her Mama?
Are you her Mama?

To visit Tania's Reece's Rainbow profile, to see more or to donate into her fund to support a family to adopt her then visit here.

Also consider supporting The Happy Child Foundation's project to build a second small group home at Tania's institution. This second home will house girls and Tania could very well be one of them! That would transform her life! To see my post about the boys home already built visit here or visit the foundations webpage here to read articles about their work. To donate to the Happy Child Foundation's work visit Eleanore's Kids here and specify your donation is for the 'girls house-build at Bobby's institution'.

Please support Tania....a little girl waiting, waiting, waiting.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Meet Delmar! A tiny boy whose size belies his 9 years of life. When I met him last February he was living inside a remote institution, in the middle of nowhere...  forgotten! For him no home within the warmth of a family, soaking in the adoration of his nearest and dearest, benefiting from the therapies he needs. You see, in his culture, children like Delmar, children who are born extra special are children who become abandoned to state care.

I could tell you about his diagnosis, his condition within his record is listed as - down syndrome, difficult mental handicap, inborn partial optic atrophy of both eyes. I could tell you he was abandoned because of these words, this medical label. It could stop there, simply a tragic story of shattered dreams, broken hearts and a lost child. But that tells you nothing about this child or his hope. It tells you nothing about the potential within this 9 year old, the love he could bring, the way he could shape the world and influence those around him.

I prefer to tell you this angel is now listed over at Reece's Rainbow here. He has hope and a chance at being seen, a chance to be adopted out his current world. A chance to shine and flourish and become the most precious part of somebodies life.

When I met him the temperature outside was minus 30 and he was crammed into a crowded room full of moaning, rocking children. Many fought for my attention, both physically and emotionally. but this sweet boy backed away. In my mind I remember him as the timid one. He was interested, he gazed over and caught my eye from time to time but get caught up in the scuffles to be touched...not for him!

He rocked and avoided the mayhem. He chewed at his fingers and looked forlorn. The timid one still holds a place in my heart and in my mind he still sits there rocking, although newer photos show him in a new setting, interacting and smiling and up on his feet. These pictures are ones I adore, they show a tiny glimmer of the boy he should be!

So will you see him today? Will you be spurred into action by what you see? Will you visit Reece's Rainbow here and see? Perhaps you will see and become a warrior, fundraising for his adoption fund? Perhaps you will see and make a donation into his fund or perhaps you will want to help all the children at the institution where I met him, perhaps you will be inspired to help build a happy home by donating here or provide extra caregivers or donate for medical aid ?

 Perhaps you will see and simply know in your heart he is yours, he is indeed your most precious thing? 

I hope you see? Without you he will have no hope? Now that is a huge responsibility isn't it! Can you walk away and choose blindness instead...can you?

Delmar is the boy in the blue t-shirt in these final pictures x

Thursday, 23 May 2013



I woke up to new hope this morning! New hope for the kids I met and photographed at Kalinovka! They are now listed and available for adoption over at Reece's Rainbow! We have many new profiles up, so share their faces and together we can find them families! Visit here to see them all!

I made a montage of all the children who are newly listed or who have families bringing them home! It made me cry this morning seeing them all together...I just had to share it!

So you see I will be forever grateful to Bobby, my gorgeous Bobby, the little boy who first caught my attention! A little boy whose profile said 'I AM IN A REMOTE INSTITUTION...I HAVE NO HOPE WITHOUT YOU!' Those words got into my heart and wouldn't leave! They were words that offered up the question, IF NOT ME THEN WHO? IF I DIDN'T TRY TO BE HIS HOPE THEN WHO ELSE? I could not answer the question so I knew I simply could not walk away! So I didn't walk away, instead I got on a plane for Bobby and because of him all of these children now have new hope!

Bobby I will always love you! It was you who brought me out to that remote institution and showed me not to give up hope!

And what about the kids coming home? Who are these lucky ones? Well you know if you saw my last post that Bobby is amongst them! Bobby and Caesar will both travel home together to a wonderful family that need any spare dollars you can offer up to make this miracle happen. Please visit here to see how you can help or donate directly into the family adoption fund held at Reece's Rainbow here!

This is Caesar , try as I might this child would not let me photograph his face. Little did I know then I was looking at Bobby's brother!

But it's not only Bobby and Caesar coming home, also Casey and Nevada have families fighting to get to them. Please follow the links to help! These adoptions cost many thousands of dollars and these families need help raising this ransom to save their kids and bring them home!


 To help raise funds for Casey's adoption visit here!

To help raise funds for Nevada's adoption visit here!

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